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The Open Gym space (known as the "Body Shop") is available for use during all business hours at 8th Day Gym. There is no coach assigned to this room so you must train at your own risk. We also ask that you remember what your momma told you and clean up after yourself :)

Where is it...

Our Open Gym at 8th Day is a great opportunity.  We actually reserve an entire room especially for training outside of class.  This is a unique feature compared to most Functional Fitness gyms who have to accommodate all they do in one room.


While our coach led Functional Fitness classes do an amazing job of addressing the broad aspects of fitness, the Open Gym space allows athletes to take their strength and skill training to the next level.


Along with your Open Gym membership you'll receive access to our proprietary in-house Auxiliary Training.  A program that has led to 7 Regional and Team CF Games appearances as well as an Individual World Championships title!

Equipment includes Pendlay bars and weights, mobile racks, jerk boxes, and 7 lifting platforms. We also have a state of the art video review system installed in two locations that allow you to lift and then review your technique without touching a button.  Just lift, and look!

  • Open Gym memberships are $35/month.

  • A minimum 3 days per week Functional Fitness membership is required for this add-on price point.  

  • Open Gym-Only memberships are available for $120/mo.

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